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Our Products are Sustainable Throughout the All Production Process.

GREENWEAR's HUNA DYEING™ minimizes environmental and human impact

throughout the raw materials, production processes, emissions and products.


Biomass Dyes


​Eco-Friendly Production



& CO₂


Hypoallergenic Fabric

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Input : Biomass Dyes

HUNA DYEING™ provides a SOLUTION for problems caused by the use of synthetic dyes by implementing colors using biomass dyes.

HUNA DYEING™ replaces synthetic dyes with natural substances and minimizes the type and amount of chemicals injected to improve productivity and quality.

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Process : Eco-Friendly Production

HUNA DYEING™ has developed a technology optimized for biomass dyeing to streamline the production process.

GREENWEAR's HUNA DEYING™ delivers sustainability in terms of energy and resource use. The production technology applied to HUNA DEYING™ enables efficient use of heat and energy.

Output : Wastewater and CO₂

HUNA DYEING™ provides extreme control over the use of chemicals in dyeing and minimizes CO₂ emissions.

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Product : Hypoallergenic Fabric

HUNA DYEING™ uses biomass dyes to minimize irritation to the body and skin.

Biomass dyes are composed of many pigments and organic materials, creating colors that provide visual comfort by creating various and soft wavelengths.

We have obtained Oeko-Tex® certification for the harmfulness of biomass dyeing fabric.

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