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Biomass Dyestuff Refining Technology

We have secured technology to refine/process biomass dyes to optimize high quality and various colors.

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Composition of Biomass Dyes

Unlike synthetic dyes, biomass dyes contain various pigments and organic substances. This property is a factor that requires a higher level of technology for biomass dyeing compared to chemical dyeing using synthetic dyes composed of a single pigment.


Marker Compounds of Biomass Dyes

GREENWEAR accumulated know-how and data on the refining and processing of dyes through research/analysis on the constituent substances of biomass dyes.

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Biomass Dye Processing Technology

Greenware has the technology to precisely process/refine biomass dyes to optimize mass production and high quality.

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Our Natural Materials

GREENWEAR uses only 10 of its many natural materials as biomass dyes.
Each dye has been a traditional dyestuff used by humans to make colors since ancient times and has long been used as a natural medicine in East and Central Asia.

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