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GREENWEAR Produces and Develops

High-quality & Sustainable

Biomass Dyeing Products.


GREENWEAR has developed a dyeing technique(HUNA DYEING™) optimized for biomass materials to minimize the impact on the natural environment and the human body by minimizing CO₂ emissions, wastewater concentrations, residual chemicals, and water usage.


High Quality

GREENWEAR's biomass dyeing technology (HUNA DYEING™) has solved the low quality problem of traditional natural dyeing.
We have improved the quality of biomass dye products through analysis and research on biomass dye, binding of biomass dyes and fabrics, production processes, and usage of chemicals.


A Variety of Colors

GREENWEAR's HUNADYEING™ overcame the color and dyeable material limitations of traditional natural dyeing.
We are developing technologies optimized for biomass dyeing, developing a variety of colors with quality, and continuously developing new colors.

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