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We Develop Colors for the

Coexistence of Humans and Nature.

CO₂ emissions, chemical abuse, and hazardous wastewater are emerging as serious problems

that threaten the survival of mankind as well as nature and animals by destroying the global environment.

Various eco-friendly technologies have also emerged in the textile fashion industry,

but most of them are limited to materials such as upcycling and eco-friendly raw yarn.

It seems that the current textile fashion industry has a long way to go to achieve true sustainability. 

We develop sustainable colors that allow humans and nature to coexist

with each other through high-quality biomass dyeing technology using natural materials.

Symbiosis with Nature

Through our biomass dyeing technology, we will contribute to the development of the sustainable textile fashion industry and develop sustainable biomass dyeing technologies and products that enable humans and nature to coexist.

Link the Past with the Present

We have combined modern technology with traditional natural dyeing techniques to overcome the limitations of natural dyeing and regenerate biomass dyeing with advanced technologies that are beneficial to both nature and humans.

Efforts toward Sustainability

We are a team of experts from various fields such as textiles, fabrics, chemistry, and production to develop and commercialize biomass dyeing technologies. Based on each person's experience and know-how, we will develop sustainable technologies that meet the needs of the textile fashion industry.


Constantly Strives for the global Environment and

a Sustainable Future of Human Prosperity.

Coloring clothes was a revolutionary discovery that evolved from the primary function of clothing that covers and protects the body to a fashion function that expresses itself and pursues beauty. Natural dyeing is the secret of perspiration and persistence that ancestors found after various attempts and failures until they got the color they wanted through their curiosity and careful observation of natural materials such as flowers, fruits, trees, and soil.

However, since the Industrial Revolution, the textile industry has been classified as a representative specification industry that causes serious energy waste and environmental pollution as a side effect of mass production and fierce competition. Chemical dyeing methods in particular threaten our skin and health.

With the motto "Color according to the method taught by nature", GREENWEAR maintains the natural dyeing traditions and strengths acquired by mankind, and achieves existing limitations of fastness, color reproducibility, and various colors. Based on this, we are striving to build a mass production system. It is not only the result of our intelligence and efforts that we have been able to prosper and build a state-of-the-art civilization. It is also thanks to the Earth and nature that provided us with space-time and abundant resources.

GREENWEAR studies and operates based on Data and Fact in a humble manner in front of the wisdom taught by nature and the knowledge discovered by mankind. Without fear of failure, we find innovative combinations in creative ways through continuous attempts and experiments and deliver high-value products and services. Through this, GREENWEAR's team members find meaning and happiness in life and contribute to the global environment and human prosperity.

We, GREENWEAR, seek a harmonious way of coexisting with nature without further damaging or abusing nature. As a member of the earth, we will become a member of the world who will develop innovative biomass dyeing technologies that utilize the wisdom taught by nature and create the future.

Thank you.

GREENWEAR Corporation representative director/executive staff

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