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Hypoallergenic Fabric

Products produced with HUNA DEYING™ technology are

free from skin allergies and irritation caused by residual hazardous chemicals.

Skin Hypoallergenic

The fabric of the GREENWEAR is skin- and human-friendly.

By minimizing the amount and type of chemical additives using natural dyes, the amount of chemicals remaining in clothing produced using natural dyed fabrics was minimized.



GREENWEAR has obtained Oeko-Tex® STANDARD-100 certification for the harmfulness of natural dyed fabrics.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is a widely used textile eco-mark, an international environmental standard that limits the use of chemicals or metals that are harmful to health or the environment in the production of textiles, clothing and fabrics.



Visual Friendly Wavelength

Natural dyes are made up of various colorants and organic substances.

Multiple wavelengths unique to each component overlap to create a variety of smooth wavelengths, providing a color that provides visual comfort. Due to these wavelength characteristics, natural dyeing creates a unique color sense, and subtle and smooth color changes in color are recognized as the observation environment changes, such as the light source and the angle of light.

VLW compare.png
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