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Sustainable Fashion Brand, SMINUN

The sustainable fashion we pursue is to complete garments in a supply chain that minimizes the impact

on the environment and human body by dyeing eco-friendly fabrics with HUNA DYEING™ technology.
To realize this plan, we launched our own fashion brand "스미는(sminun)" in 2020.


Basic Design

Fashion products that are quickly discarded without wearing a few times are making huge garment waste.

We design products around the basic category that are the most basic yet wear often and last for a long time.

Skin Hypoallergenic

Some of the chemicals used in the production of synthetic dyes and chemical dyes remain on the fabric and cause skin problems and allergies.

HUNA DYEING™ fabrics dyed with biomass dyes are skin-friendly in this regard.

Packaging and Distribution

From a sustainability point of view, the impact of packaging and logistics processes cannot be ignored.

SMINUN products are primary packaged in naturally biodegradable starch polybags and then wrapped in recyclable kraft material outer wrapping paper during delivery to minimize the environmental impact of packaging materials.

All made in Korea

All the processes of SMINUN products, such as fabric dyeing, processing, and sewing, are done in Korea.

This saves a huge amount of carbon compared to long supply chain logistics chains that go through huge shipments such as Southeast Asia, India and Africa, and makes product quality easier and more controllable. In addition, garments produced in South Korea, where labor and environmental regulations and oversight are stringent, add confidence to the manufacturing process.

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