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Minimize Chemical Input

GREENWEAR replaced synthetic dyes with natural substances and minimized the amount of chemical additives added.

Replace Synthetic Dyes with Biomass Dyes

GREENWEAR uses GOTS (6.0) and ZDHC certified natural materials.

Synthetic dyes used in chemical dyeing are petrochemical-based resources that threaten human health and natural ecosystems as well as climate problems caused by carbon emissions during production, consumption, and disposal. Wastewater discharged from the synthetic dye production process is one of the most toxic industrial wastewater.


Energy Efficiency

Biomass dyeing of GREENWEAR is extremely small in the type and use of chemical additives used in the dyeing process compared to conventional chemical dyeing.

Some natural dyeing was truly unsustainable, with more additives and supplements being added than chemical dyeing to improve the low quality of dyeing. GREENWEAR has found that many studies on biomass dyestuffs allow for more environmentally friendly dyeing while minimizing additives.

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