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Technical and Quality Certification Data

Provides reliable certification data on the quality, sustainability and dyes of GREENWEAR biomass dyeing techniques.


Analysis Data


Test Report


Relevant Data

Test Report

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Biomass Analysis of Dyes & Products

We provide analysis data on dyes and products showing that GREENWEAR's biomass dyed products have been dyed using actual natural(biomass) extracts.


Color Quality Test Report

We provide quality-related data such as fastness of our biomass dyeing products.
It is based on the test report issued after quality inspection by certified professional testing and research institutes such as KOTERI and FITI.

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Sustainability Related Data

We provide sustainability data such as clean wastewater from the GREENWEAR's biomass dyeing process.

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Data on Proof of Hypoallergenic Properties to the Skin & Human Body

We provide testing of harmful substances in GREENWEAR's biomass dyeing products and test reports to prove hypoallergenic to the skin/human body.

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