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Successful Stories of Companies Utilizing Traditional Culture Innovation Vouchers

Companies that have demonstrated innovation using the 'Traditional Culture Innovation Voucher' introduced for the first time last year are drawing attention as inspiration for various venture entrepreneurs in different fields.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and the Korea Craft & Design Foundation provided innovation and capacity enhancement services in technology, management, design, promotion and marketing, and non-face-to-face fields for 37 companies in the first year through the '2022 Traditional Culture Innovation Voucher Support Project (hereinafter referred to as the Innovation Voucher)' to establish a foundation for traditional culture companies.

Natural dye in use at Greenwear (Photo = Greenwear provided)

Heo Hyun-beom, CEO of Greenwear, which produces eco-friendly clothing, has spent a lot of time developing eco-friendly dyes derived from natural plants. As a result of efforts in developing natural dyeing using traditional methods with ingredients such as pomegranate peel, madder root, persimmon, cosmos, woad, mulberry leaves, and catechu, they have developed eco-friendly fabrics that can be exported. Based on eco-friendly natural dye materials, they launched their own brand, Sminun, and released clothing products, receiving positive responses in the market.

However, there was no way to prove to buyers or consumers that the products were naturally dyed using natural dyes after production, so they had to substitute it with international certifications.

Greenwear conducted a process of testing the natural origin of natural dye products and dyes through the Korea Textile Materials Research Institute with innovation vouchers, and publicly disclosed the performance and product safety test suitability evaluation results of natural dye products on the platform. They verified the natural origin of the 8 types of natural dyes used by Greenwear by analyzing their bio-carbon content and indicator components. In addition, they have completed the verification of over 100 of their own fabrics and naturally dyed fabrics. Now, Greenwear's verified dyes and fabrics can be checked on the Natural Dye Platform of the Korea Textile Materials Research Institute and Greenwear's website (

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