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Gyeonggi Textile Industry Association Achieves 150 Consultations with 10 Companies at PIS

The Gyeonggi Textile Industry Association (Chairman Cho Chang-seop, hereinafter referred to as the Association) held the '2022 Yangpoding Textile Fashion Week Premium Order Consultation' at 'Preview in Seoul (PIS)' held from the 24th to the 26th of last month, recording around 150 consultations over three days. They plan to connect these consultations to actual orders in the future.

The Gyeonggi Textile Industry Association held the '2022 Yangpoding Textile Fashion Week Premium Order Consultation' at 'Preview in Seoul (PIS)' from the 24th to the 26th of last month.

This year's Yangpoding Textile Fashion Week Premium Order Consultation was organized as 'Essentials Gate,' a joint exhibition hall that aligns with PIS's exhibition concept 'Next Gate.' Essentials Gate featured 10 outstanding textile companies from Gyeonggi Province's Textile Leather Fashion Industrial Complex in Yangju, Pocheon, and Dongducheon. The 10 participating companies were SND, Suatex, Ilsongtex, Daehai Energy, Greenwear, Lifetex Style, WYJ Global, Partex, Samwoon Industrial, and Daain International.

The textile companies in Yangpoding (Yangju, Pocheon, Dongducheon) that participated in this exhibition have previously exported their products to major global brands. The Association supported domestic fashion brand companies in exploring new markets at this exhibition. The event was conducted through a buyer-matching program using a reservation system.

■ Both 'Material Companies and Buyers' Satisfied with the Reservation System

Essentials Gate focused on tailored consultations that could meet the needs of both textile companies and buyers, organizing the exhibition hall as a special zone where the core trends of the season are concentrated. Seong Yeol-ho, the director of Gyeonggi Textile Support Center, said, "Essentials Gate was a program that thoroughly focused on consultation-oriented operations, preparing in advance to match domestic brand companies in need of textile materials visiting PIS with textile companies."

The creative factory group, which planned and operated the 'Essentials Gate,' focused on optimizing buyers' material sourcing by organizing spaces and content that could showcase the trend concepts suitable for the characteristics of the 10 participating companies. In particular, they surveyed the materials that brand companies wanted in advance and composed the Essentials Gate with the core materials that buyers needed. Time slot-based visit reservations were carried out.

This Essential Hall was divided into a Trend Inspiration (INSPIRATION) section and a Sourcing Zone. The 'Trend Inspiration Section' stimulated buyers' curiosity with a life-scene-based interior set up from the entrance of the exhibition hall. Space props were made using participating material companies' fabrics. Buyers were able to see seasonal trends, finished products, and styling composed of booth fabrics. The flow was connected to allow consultations for trend understanding, trend material utilization, and seasonal material sourcing from the buyers' perspective.

In particular, buyers were highly interested in the presentation of 23FW season colors at the entrance. The 23F/W Trend Color Zone provided practical information by displaying 20 colors on the wall and allowing viewers to see Pantone color numbers. In the Sourcing Zone, 10 material companies exhibited costumes produced in collaboration with designers. Buyers paid attention to the new artwork combining styling and fabric on the front.

■ Various Buyers, Including LF and Musinsa, Visited Over 3 Days

Participating companies achieved tangible results this time. In addition, the introduction of the 'curating' method, explained by trend experts, resulted in a high level of understanding of materials among buyers. Various brand representatives from LF, FnC Kolon, K2, Musinsa Studio, Youngone Outdoor, Daehyun, Shinwon, Shinsegae International, Kolon Sports, and AllSaints visited the exhibition over three days.

One LF buyer said, "It was great to have access to essential trend materials for the season at the Essential Hall, as opportunities to see only core materials among the vast information are rare." A designer brand mentioned, "I found the materials I've been looking for overseas at the Essential Hall." Buyers positively evaluated the possibility of "developing eco-friendly and specialized materials into our brand's unique materials through joint development."

Through this exhibition, Creative Factory Group presented three themes for the 23F/W trend under the theme of 'the gateway to a journey in search of timeless values': 'Future-Lab Alchemist,' 'Core Maximalist,' and 'Seductive Hedonist.' Future-Lab Alchemist, which is experimental and crafty, leads by transforming materials with a fusion of nature and technology. The Seductive Hedonist trend emphasizes a fascinating and decorative aesthetic fusion that can express hidden human instincts and pleasurable sensuality.

The Essential Gate Hall event was held as part of the Yangpoding Global Textile and Leather Fashion Industry Special Zone project, organized by Gyeonggi Province, Yangju City, Pocheon City, Dongducheon City, and hosted by the Gyeonggi Textile Industry Association.

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