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GREENWEAR Obtains ZDHC MRSL Certification for Natural Dyes

ZDHC MRSL is one of the leading eco-friendly certifications for chemicals used in the textile and fashion industry.

GREENWEAR obtains ZDHC MRSL LEVEL 1 certification for natural dyes

In July 2020, GREENWEAR obtained ZDHC MRSL Level 1 Version 2.0 certification for natural dyes such as Madder, Pomegranate, Gallnut, and Catechu. The ZDHC MRSL certification is an eco-friendly/sustainability certification for textile and fashion-related products and will be valid until July 2022.

천연염료의 ZDHC MRSL 인증은 그린웨어의 천연염료가 지속가능한 이점이 있음을 시사한다.

The sustainability of the inputs used in GREENWEAR's natural dyeing process has been verified.

To reduce hazardous chemical substances in the supply chain or replace them with safe materials, major clothing, leather, and shoe brands and retailers have launched ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals). ZDHC has developed MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), which regulates harmful substances that cannot be used in the process of manufacturing fiber materials or accessories for clothing, leather, and shoes.

GREENWEAR's ZDHC MRSL certification this time is not only proof of the safety of its inputs, but also evidence of the sustainability of its natural dyeing process and fabrics.

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