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High-Quality Color

GREENWEAR produces high-quality biomass dyed fabrics.

We improved the quality of biomass dyeing products through scientific analysis and research on biomass dyes, binding of biomass dyes and fabrics, production processes and chemical usage.


GREENWEAR ensured color reproducibility based on scientific research and development, data accumulation

and fine control of production conditions and processes.



"Reproducibility" means the degree of reimplementation of the same color.
"ΔE" is a measure of how the human eye recognizes color differences, ranging from 0 to 100. The lower the number, the less color difference.


GREENWEAR has improved its fastness to biomass dyeing products

and has been confirmed to be above a certain level by authorized testing and research institutions.



"Fastness" indicates resistance (durability) to various external conditions of the color. Higher grades mean higher resistance (durability).
Test method : Light : KS K ISO 105 B02 2016(Xenon arc) / Washing : KS K ISO 105-C06 : 2010 A1S / Rubbing :  KS K ISO 105 X12 2016


GREENWEAR has secured a commercial level of level-dyeing technology.



"Leveling" is the uniformity of colors in the result of dyeing (fabric).
Listing=Fabric Left and Right Deviations / Ending=Fabric First and Last Deviations / The higher the number, the lower the deviation.

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