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We Innovate to Make Our Process

More Sustainable.

GREENWEAR has goals and plans to expand its sustainable influence, including not only processes and energy but also industrial expansion.


Renewable Energy


Circulation Process


AI &



Industrial Expansion

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Improve Energy Efficiency and Power Sources

We want to convert the power and thermal energy used in the dyeing process into renewable energy such as sunlight.

We also want to improve the heat and energy efficiency used in the dyeing process by more than 30% from the current level through facility and process improvements.


Establishment of
Circular Process System

We want to minimize wastewater emissions by recycling wastewater used in the dyeing process.

This is a goal that can only be achieved by HUNADYING™, a technology that simplifies the production process used in the dyeing process and minimizes the type and amount of chemicals.

Smart Factory System

We are trying to streamline the fabric production and inspection process by combining AI and automation technology.

Modern dyeing is much more mechanized and efficient than traditional natural dyeing, but much of it still relies on labor for mechanical manipulation and inspection.

We want to build an automated/digital process system by introducing a quality inspection system using AI VISION incorporating artificial intelligence technology and building a smart factory using IT and IOT technology.

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Expansion of Business Areas

Nature's color is still a huge possibility.

Today, we use only 10 kinds of natural materials as biomass dyes. We don't even fully know how many more secrets are hidden in these 10 kinds of dyes.

We believe in the sustainability of biomass materials and want to further expand the Hunadying™ color to various materials and fields.

- Industrial Fabric

- Vegan leather / Living Fabric / Wallpaper

- Printing Ink

- Food Coloring Industry

- Cosmetic Pigment Industry

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